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Sponsors donate $5,000 per year, which covers the cost of education for their assigned student for the ten-month school year. This is the amount remaining after the student’s Corporate Work Study earnings and family tuition payment. Each student works for one of our over 100 Corporate Work Study Program partners and contributes his or her salary toward the cost of education at Cristo Rey Jesuit. In addition, each family pays tuition (averaging $800 per year) based on their personal and financial situation.

As our enrollment grows, many more students will need a sponsor to ensure they can succeed in college, the future workforce and in life.

Sponsor a Student Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Sponsor?
At Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, Sponsors are generous donors who commit $5,000 or more to underwrite the cost of education for a student to attend our school.

What does my Sponsorship cover?
Sponsors donate up to 37% of the cost of CRJHS students’ tuition.

How is the remainder covered?
Students work 5 days a month and contribute their work study earnings to cover roughly 50% of the cost of their education. Family tuition payments and other contributions round out the cost of students’ annual tuition.

How long do Sponsors commit to give?
Many of our sponsors choose to follow a student through graduation making an annual gift of $5000 or greater.

Is there a best time to give?
We’ll gladly accept gifts at any time but appreciate your gift (or pledge) before our school year starts so we can start the year with the needed resources in place.

Is my gift tax-deductible?
Yes, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit. All gifts are tax deductible.

Can I give my student a gift?
We typically discourage personal gift-giving between sponsors or students. Cards or notes of encouragement sent to the student at Cristo Rey are appreciated.

Will I receive anything from the student I sponsor?
At our annual Student and Sponsor Breakfast, you’ll have an opportunity to meet your student in person. Your student will also send you a personal note in the spring and you are invited to join us for graduation (June 8, 2019).

Can I contact my student outside of school or engage them in out of school activities?
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School is committed to the safety of our students, many of whom are under the age of 18. Our staff is happy to coordinate a visit, lunch or breakfast at our school. This is in keeping with our school safety policies. Please contact Karen Kelley-Ariwoola with any questions.

“We have benefitted by watching the academic and individual success of Cristo Rey Jesuit since its conception. The greatest strength is the collaboration between the students, their families, the staff, and the business community, with the comprehensive goal of providing a structured framework that will ensure the success of each student. Each student is entitled to have a quality education, but at Cristo Rey, entitlement means students earning their success through hard work and effort. That’s why we’re thrilled to sponsor a Cristo Rey Student.”  -Ann and Tim Fleming, Sponsors