Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

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Each student works for one of our over 100 Corporate Work Study Program partners and contributes his or her salary toward the cost of education at Cristo Rey Jesuit. In addition, each family pays tuition (averaging $800 per year) based on their personal and financial situation.

Sponsors donate $5,000 per year, which covers the cost of education for their assigned student for the ten-month school year. This is the amount remaining after the student’s Corporate Work Study earnings and family tuition payment. As our enrollment grows, many more students will need a sponsor to ensure they can succeed in college, the future workforce, and in life.

Sponsors receive an annual thank you call from a student, an invitation to breakfast with that student and a personal invitation to graduation.

“We have benefitted by watching the academic and individual success of your and Cristo Rey Jesuit since its conception. The greatest strength is the collaboration between the students, their families, the staff, and the business community, with the comprehensive goal of providing a structured framework that will ensure the success of each student. Each student is entitled to have a quality education, but at Cristo Rey, entitlement means students earning their success through hard work and effort. That’s why we’re thrilled to sponsor a Cristo Rey Student.”  -Ann and Tim Fleming, Sponsors