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Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

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Eligibility Requirements

Co-Curricular Activities: Academic Eligibility, Off-Campus Trips and Behavioral Expectations
CRJHS believes in the philosophy that participation in co-curricular performances, CWSP events, college visits, sporting events, school ambassador events and special off-campus trips is a privilege, not a right. This privilege is granted to students who uphold the ideals of leadership, display good citizenship, meet expectations of the school community and abide by the rules and regulations of the Minnesota State High School League where applicable, and commit themselves to academic success. Participants in co-curricular activities represent more than themselves when they compete or perform. Students involved in or attending extra-curricular activities or special events are expected to maintain a high standard of conduct and follow all rules as outlined in the CRJHS handbook and any rules iterated by the event/team organizers, coaches and leaders.

All students are expected to behave in a mature way at any extra-curricular event. It is expected that our students will show respect for the National Anthem, school songs and will only use cheers that are appropriate and positive. Harassment of game officials or coaches and players will not be tolerated. Any student found misbehaving at any extra-curricular event will lose the right to attend such events with further consequences possible. Any student involved with violence related to poor sportsmanship at athletic contests or any special event will be subject to dismissal from school.


Students who wish to participate in co-curricular activities and off-campus events must remain academically eligible. Students must be at 90% of completed standards to be eligible to participate in games or performances according to school policy. Individual activities may have higher requirements. These will be communicated in advance of the season by the coach or advisor and with the approval of the Activities Director. Students below 90% may practice or attend meetings with the team or group, but not compete or perform. Eligibility is determined on a weekly basis and communicated from the Activities Director to the coaches and co-curricular leaders. Students who are deemed ineligible will remain so for at least one week as eligibility reports will only be determined once per week by the deans of student achievement. Students must also maintain positive standing at their corporate workplace to be eligible; a workplace termination or serious infraction may result in loss of eligibility based on conversations between CWSP, activities and members of the academic team.


Student Participation in a School Event Causing an Absence from School or Work
Students are able to participate in school-sponsored events (on or off campus) that require them to miss scheduled classes if they are in good standing with respect to academic performance, CWSP performance, behavior, and attendance. In order to attend on a school day, students may have to obtain written permission of the teachers for the classes they will miss, as well as from the grade level dean, and must agree to turn in all missed assignments on the due date. When school-sponsored events fall on a work day, student participation must first be approved by the CWSP department. Student workers who are in good standing can participate in an activity on a work day immediately upon the proper release from the CWSP worksite. See the expectations above regarding early decisions to leave a CWSP worksite.

Students (and their parents) who participate in co-curricular activities at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School will be required to also read and sign the Student Activities Handbook agreement, which sets out more specific expectations regarding MSHSL rules and behavior. This will be presented to the participant and their family before the start of their respective season. This agreement is good for the entre academic year but must be signed by both the student and at least one parent/guardian.