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Presentations of Learning

What: This is an opportunity for students to summarize the year’s work experience with your guidance and to share their learning with an audience at your workplace. It is also a way to celebrate with your entire student team at one time.

When: During the weeks of April 1st, April 8th, April 22nd, May 20th, May 27th
(Blackout dates: April 12th and May 27th )

Who to invite:
➢ Supervisors, mentors, specific department teams, managers.
➢ Make it extra special by inviting the CEO, president, or other executives. (Students really  like this and executives may become more invested in the program.)
➢ Cristo Rey Jesuit work study staff and faculty.
➢ Allow students to invite family if appropriate for your organizational culture.

Next Steps:
1. Contact your CWSP Coordinator to request a date and time. CWSP will arrange transportation for the entire student team.
2. Set a timeline for project completion with the student.
3. Review the presentation progress periodically with your student.
4. Schedule time at work over the next few months for student to work on the presentation.
5. Invite attendees (you could choose to teach your student to send online calendar invites).
6. Review final presentation with student for errors and professional approach.

Format Options: (these are merely suggestions; be as creative as you like)
1. Electronic presentation using PowerPoint or web-based presentation programs.
2. Science fair style of presentations or demonstrations.
3. Student produced video or slideshow.
4. Have a social with snacks or lunch before or after the presentations.

Content Suggestions:
1. Introduce the company, company mission, and how their department contributes to it.
2. Describe daily tasks and projects.
3. Student’s expectations when she began the job and how she currently perceives it.
4. Name staff people with whom the student has worked and what the individuals have taught them throughout the year.
5. Name any mentors at the company and what the student has learned.
6. Share interesting facts about the company the student has learned.
7. Describe any special or memorable projects worked on during the year.
8. Important life/work lessons learned.
9. The qualities of being a good worker.
10. Include photos of people, the student working, etc.
11. Share goals the student has for work, academics or college.
12. An offering of “thanks” and appreciation to the organization and supervisors.
Example Presentations of Learning can be downloaded below: