Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

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Eligibility List


Student progress toward standard completion and ultimately graduation is monitored weekly through the Loyola List, formerly known as the Eligibility List. Teachers report student grades Each Wednesday at 8am and the weekly list is published generally by noon that same day.

A student on the Loyola List has successfully demonstrated standards from all previous sessions AND has demonstrated all current session standards. A student NOT on the Loyola List must attend 8th period until 3:55PM.


We believe in the philosophy that participation in extra-curricular performances, Coporate Work Study events, college visits, sporting events, school ambassador events and special off-campus trips is a privilege, not a right. This privilege is granted to students who uphold the ideals of leadership community role model, display good citizenship, abide by the rules and regulations of the school community and the Minnesota State High School League where applicable, and commit themselves to academic success.

Students who wish to participate in extra-curricular activities and off-campus events must be on the Loyola List, or have been approved to participate by a school administrator.