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When students go to work and school, they enter professional environments. Their dress reflects a high standard of professionalism. Work and School environments are also adult environments. Our dress code corresponds to business professional dress both in the workplace site and school site. It ensures that every student will dress in a professional, modest, conservative, and safe manner.


It has been observed repeatedly that the more professional a person dresses, the more seriously that person performs in her/his role and the more seriously others perceive her/him. Expressing individuality should be done through hard work at school and at the work place, and not through one’s clothing and external image.

During school and work, young women and men are required to wear:

• A CRJHS uniform long sleeved, button down collar shirt that is available for purchase at CRJHS. Young men are required to have the shirt tucked in at all times and buttoned at the collar and down the front. Young women may wear their shirt untucked and only the very top button may be left unfastened. Sleeves may be neatly folded up if desired. Uniforms may be purchased Monday through Friday from 7:00AM–4:00PM at the reception desk.
• Garments worn under the uniform must remain invisible.
• Black professional full-length pants. Pants must be in good condition and not torn or overly worn in appearance. Casual, denim, or athletic styles and materials are not permitted.
• Black belt with modest buckle (young men). If young women choose to wear a belt it must be a black belt worn through the belt loops and have a modest buckle.
• All-black professional style shoes. Shoes must be in good condition and not torn or overly worn in appearance. Athletic, slipper, military-style boots, and outdoor-style shoes are not permitted. Pants must layer over shoes. Students may not tuck pants into shoes. The toe and heel of the shoe must be closed.
• Black socks or nylons or no socks.
• A professional tie (young men).
• Students are to be clean shaven or have facial hair that is neatly groomed. Students not compliant may be asked to shave at school.
• Eyebrows are to be free from markings.
• Conservative hair styles and appearance appropriate for the corporate workplace will be allowed. Hair should not be cut shorter than below the #1 guard on hair clippers. Hair should not cover students’ eyes or be shaggy in appearance. Students are not permitted to wear mohawks or other unconventional styles or shave or cut lines, designs, letters, numbers, etc., into their hair.
• Natural hair colors.
• Students with tattoos may be required to keep them covered at school, work, or other school-sponsored activities.
Though not required, students may choose to wear:

• If a sweater is worn it must be a CRJHS sweater. Jackets, coats, blankets, etc., may not be worn in school or carried from class to class. These items must be stored in student lockers. School sweaters are available for purchase from the receptionist.
• A black professional suit coat.
• A black vest that is part of a suit.
• Black suspenders instead of a belt.
• No more than two earrings per ear. Dangling earrings must remain off the shoulder. Plugs and gauges are not permitted.
• A single, small nose stud or ring. Septum piercings, barbells or other nose jewelry styles are not permitted. Other body piercings are not allowed. Students may not attend school until the piercings are removed. Covering piercings with Band-Aids is not permitted.
• Modest and minimal bracelets and necklaces may be worn, but may not contain messages. Chain wallets are not permitted.
• Message buttons, signs, medals and pins are not a part of the school uniform and are to be worn outside of school hours.
• One or two modest rings. Connected rings are not permitted.
• A professional-looking hairband or head scarf/hair wrap.
• A hijab (حجاب) or other head-covering for religious purposes.
• A scarf around the neck.
• Modest style makeup and nails.
• Non-uniform clothing during special Spirit Week events or during fundraisers. Special dress code themes and rules will be shared. Students whose clothes do not fit the dress code may be required to wear CRJHS clothing or uniform. The school reserves the right to determine what constitutes appropriate dress. In all cases, the school has the final decision. Workers must always wear the school uniform.

During Co-Curricular Activities and Physical Education, young women and men are required to:

• Wear clothing with appropriate words, messages and images.
• Wear shirts with sleeves that cover the chest/cleavage, stomach, and undergarments.
• Wear shorts or pants that cover the mid-thigh (no skirts) and undergarments.
• Anything specified by the teacher or activity leader (coach/director).
While on campus or while attending off-campus school-sponsored activities, both during and outside of regular school hours, students must wear modest clothing that does not contain words, messages or images that the school may deem inappropriate. In all cases, the school has the final decision.