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Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

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Persons in the CRJHS community will participate in the High Trust and Positive Behavior Support Program. All persons in the CRJHS community will be expected to follow the behavioral expectations as outlined below. Students who demonstrate appropriate behavior according to the High Trust and Positive Behavior Support Program will be able to continue as a student at CRJHS where they will have opportunities to gain the knowledge and skills needed to be successful in their experience at CRJHS and in college. All behavior in the school should help to establish and maintain an environment within the school that fosters maximum learning and mutual respect. Students are expected to be respectful of the learning process and to take responsibility for their own learning. Students who make mistakes may be required to complete retraining sessions.

CRJHS Behavioral Outcomes
Persons in the CRJHS community are expected to demonstrate behaviors that result in persons who are:
• Guided by faith
• Prepared for life
• Serving others

When the members of the CRJHS community demonstrate these behaviors, the result is a community where persons are:
• Safe
• Healthy
• Educational

Cristo Rey Jesuit does not disclose disciplinary records to colleges.