Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

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Students must demonstrate proficiency on all of the standards assessed in each course to graduate or be promoted to the next grade level. Students unable to demonstrate mastery of each standard during the Academic Session will be given additional opportunities to demonstrate the standard until they successfully demonstrate proficiency.

Grade 9
English I (Composition)
Algebra I or Geometry
Physical Science
Religion I
Principles of Math & Language
Physical Education/Health
Corporate Work Study


Grade 10
English II (World Literature)
Geometry or Algebra II
Religion II
World History or AP World History
Spanish I*
Corporate Work Study


Grade 11
English III (American Lit.)
Algebra II or Pre-Calculus
Religion III
American History
Spanish II or AP Spanish*
Corporate Work Study


Grade 12
English IV or AP Literature
Pre-Calculus or AP Calculus
Biology or AP Biology
Religion IV
Gov or AP Gov. & Economics
Elective (4 courses offered)
Corporate Work Study


*Spanish is offered both as a Heritage Speaker Cohort and a Beginner Cohort