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The workplace is changing! Employees and employers are actively engaged in what may the most impactful and transformational changes to the workplace relationship in the last fifty years. Factors including, but not limited to, workplace and career expectations, the pace of technology advancements, personal priorities, and a higher awareness of social, economic, ethnic and racial differences have heightened the importance of the relationship between employees and employers, and have brought to the forefront key issues that require deeper conversations and critical solutions.
Cristo Rey Jesuit High School will invite key business and organizational leaders, members of our faculty and staff, students and alumni, and other members of the community to offer their perspectives on the transformation taking place in the workplace today. Although we seek to be involved in the development of the solutions that will inform the framework of the new workplace relationship, we are most interested in offering the members of our community with the opportunity to hear from those directly involved and to invite them into to continuing dialogue.
Through these brief sessions we hope to appeal to your awareness of the importance of the emerging issues, the complexity of the dialogue and the critical need to develop a workplace that enables the most rewarding relationships that are responsive to ever-changing demographics, priorities and lifestyles of the broadest range of workplace participants.
Podcast Ep. 01: Workplace Transformation feat. Lisa Brezonik, CEO, Salo
December 2021
In this episode of Cristo Rey Conversations, Cristo Rey Vice President of Strategic Growth, Tim Kosiek, and Salo Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Brezonik, anchor the conversation around some of the emerging changes in the relationships between employees and employers and leadership characteristics necessary to facilitate these changes.
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