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Important updates on COVID-19

Dear Cristo Rey Jesuit Community:

As we have adjusted our mission to meet the COVID-19 moment, I feel like I am writing you "in a galaxy far, far away..." Who would have predicted in 2020 that COVID-19 would be THE news (I haven't heard a conversation about the weather in over two weeks!).
Thank you for your continued support for Cristo Rey Jesuit High School. 

In the past 10 days and in partnership with you and your generosity, we have been able to:
  • Distribute over 100 laptops and iPads to our students;
  • Purchase 50 Verizon hotspots and deliver them to our students and a few graduates who have returned home from college with a need to finish courses online;
  • Implement remote learning for all students in all classes and training for their Corporate Work Study skills;
  • Receive and deliver over 2,500 pounds of non-perishable food and over $1,500 of Target gift cards for families.
Laptops and iPads being delivered.
These actions of support have eased the transition of Cristo Rey Jesuit from a high-contact, relationship-based institution that individualizes learning for each student to a school that is high-contact, relationship-based institution that individualizes learning for each student in a remote learning environmentThank you for prioritizing the students and mission of Cristo Rey Jesuit! 
We knew we had resilient and dedicated students, faculty and staff; the proof is in the practice.
We knew we had caring and dedicated Corporate Partners; the proof is in the practice.
We knew we had passionate and generous benefactors; the proof is in the practice.
I am grateful for the team we have to solve each issue that presents itself and continue to advance our mission.
I am grateful that God is good all of the time as there is no other place that I would rather be!
Many people have asked how they can help. As of right now, we have enough hotspots and laptops. Below is a wish list we have started:
  • Be an advocate for our Corporate Work Study Program. Some of our sponsor companies may have lay-offs and furloughs. Help us ensure our students have jobs to return to by underwriting a student worker.
  • Make a financial donation to support our school. We know that this is a difficult time for everyone, but we are also aware that many Cristo Rey Jesuit families are facing additional financial strain.  Any gift will help us continue our mission and support our community.
  • Non-Perishable Food: We could use more canned fruit, canned vegetables, rice, beans (dry or canned), pasta, pasta sauce and cereal. Items can be dropped off at the school between 8 AM and 2 PM, Monday - Friday.
  • Gift cards to grocery stores would allow families to purchase milk, protein and fresh produce. Please consider mailing gift cards directly to the school to minimize contact with others. Items can be mailed to 2924 4th Ave S, Minneapolis, MN 55408.
  • Pray for our students, our graduates, their families, our faculty and staff.
As we learn more in this new reality, we will communicate additional needs. 

If you would like to donate,  please click here to make a gift online, or contact myself or Steve Crandall at or (612) 545-9708.
Again, it is important for us to remember that God is good ALL of the time!

Be healthy, safe, and well. In peace,

Jeb A. Myers
(612) 545-9701

Dear families, 


As you may have heard by now, Governor Walz has issued an order to Stay at Home for all Minnesotans to begin at 11:59 pm on Friday, March 27th through April 10th to slow the further spread of COVID-19. Everyone is asked to stay home for these two weeks except for essential travel, such as groceries and medical care or those who are in professions that are deemed essential for the community. Here is what this means for us:


  • Governor Walz has said all schools should continue distance learning until May 4th. I know we had all hoped to return to school sooner! We will continue to offer academic learning through remote learning. I continue to be inspired by the way our students and teachers have adapted to this new reality. 


  • We will continue to offer meals free to all families for pick up or at a drop-off location. Please use this link to request food for your family or anyone you know who is food insecure. 


  • We will also deliver hotspots to students this Friday. If you have a need for internet service, please contact your Dean so that we can reserve a hotspot for you at no charge.  


  • Our Spring Break will be April 6th- April 10th as planned. I sincerely hope that you take this time to rest and relax. It is Holy Week, and our whole school community will be offering prayers for you. 


  • The Minnesota State High School Leagues has suspended all spring sports. They will make a decision on the remainder of the season in May.


  • I know many seniors are wondering about graduation. Seniors, we will find a way to celebrate your accomplishments that you have worked hard for four years to earn! However, we still do not know if we will be able to hold the graduation on June 6th in our gym as originally planned. With the governor’s new order, we will hopefully be able to make a decision about graduation by May 5th. 


This continues to be really challenging. I am grateful to our full community for all the ways that each person has worked to adjust to the realities of school and work online. I appreciate that so many students responded to our survey request this week. We know that this is really challenging and we are working hard to provide meaningful learning and support. We also know that many families are experiencing changes and additional challenges in this time. More than ever, we want to support you through these challenges. We have decided to extend the deadline for work for quarter 3. Students can continue to complete missing standards and turn in previous assignments until Friday, April 3rd. 


As always, please reach out to us with questions or concerns. I look forward to the day when we are permitted to be in community together again! I remain grateful for your partnership in the education of your student. We continue to hold all of you in prayer during this time. 


Take care,

Erin Healy, Principal




Estimadas Familias, 
Como pueden haber oído, el Gobernador Walz ha emitido una orden de Quedarse en Casa para todos los Minnesotanos que empezó a 11:59pm el viernes, 27 de marzo hasta el 10 de abril para más disminuir la propagación del COVID-19. A todos se les piden a quedarse en casa para estas dos semanas, excepto para viajes esenciales, como para provisiones y atención médica o aquellos que están en profesiones que se consideraran esenciales para la comunidad. Esto es lo que significa para nosotros:
  • Gobernador Walz ha dicho que todas las escuelas deben continuar el aprendizaje remoto hasta el 4 de mayo. ¡Sé que todos esperábamos volver a la escuela más antes! Continuaremos ofreciendo el aprendizaje académico a través del aprendizaje remoto. Sigo siendo inspirada por la manera que nuestros estudiantes y maestros han adaptado a esta nueva realidad.  
  • Continuaremos ofreciendo comida gratis para todas las familias para que las recojan o a una ubicación de entrega. Por favor use este enlace para solicitar alimentos para su familia o para cualquier persona que usted conozca que sea insegura de alimentos.  
  • Si tiene una necesidad del servicio de internet, por favor póngase en contacto con su Subdirector Académico para que podamos reservar un punto de acceso para usted sin cargo.  
  • Nuestras vacaciones de primavera serán el 6 de abril al 10 de abril según lo planeado. Sinceramente espero que tomen este tiempo para descansar y relajarse. Es la Semana Santa, y toda nuestra comunidad escolar estará ofreciendo oraciones por ustedes.
  • Las Ligas de las Escuelas Preparatorias del Estado Minnesota han suspendido todos los deportes de primavera. Tomarán una decisión sobre el resto de la temporada en mayo.
  • Sé que muchos estudiantes del grado 12 se preguntan sobre la graduación. ¡Seniors, encontraremos una manera de celebrar sus logros que han trabajado duro durante cuatro años para ganar! Sin embargo, todavía no sabemos si podremos tener la ceremonia de graduación el 6 de junio en nuestro gimnasio como originalmente planeado. Con la nueva orden del gobernador, esperamos poder tomar una decisión sobre graduación antes del 5 de mayo. 
Esto sigue siendo realmente desafiante. Estoy agradecida a nuestra comunidad por todas las maneras en que cada persona ha trabajado para ajustarse a las realidades de la escuela y el trabajo en línea. Agradezco que muchos estudiantes respondieron a nuestra solicitud de encuesta esta semana. Sabemos que este es realmente difícil y estamos trabajando duro para proporcionar un aprendizaje y apoyo significativos.
También sabemos que muchas familias que están experimentando cambios y desafíos adicionales en este tiempo. Más que nunca, queremos apoyarles a través de estos desafíos. Hemos decidido para extender a la fecha limite por el trabajo para el tercer trimestre. Los estudiantes pueden seguir completando los estándares académicos que faltan y entregar las tareas anteriores hasta el viernes, 3 de abril.
Como siempre, comuníquense con nosotros con preguntas o inquietudes. ¡Espero el día en que se nos permita estar juntos en comunidad otra vez! Sigo agradecida por su colaboración en la educación de su estudiante. Seguimos manteniéndolos a todos en oración durante este tiempo.
Erin Healy,
Directora Cristo Rey Jesuit H.S.


Dear Cristo Rey Jesuit families, 
The past few days have been very challenging for our community, as it has been for communities around the country. As hard as it is to not be together in the building, we hope that following the recommendations of social distancing will slow the spread of COVID-19. We will always prioritize the health and safety of our students. As stated in our communication on Sunday, March 15th, we will continue required academic work during the days that the building is closed through remote learning. During this time, students will also not go to their CWSP jobs. We will continue to pray for all of our students, our families, and our health care workers. Please read this message carefully for information about how we will continue to operate as a school during this time of remote-learning. 
Social Distancing
During closure we will continue to follow the direction of state and local officials, including the Minnesota Department of Health, for updates. While off campus, we expect students to practice social distancing measures, which means no gathering with friends. It is important that students remain at home or have minimal contact with people outside of their families to slow the spread of the coronavirus. Please limit your travel to limit exposure to yourselves and our community. 
What if a student, family member, or staff member tests positive for COVID-19?
Per the MDH website: If public health officials identify a staff member or student at our school as a patient under investigation (PUI) or a confirmed case of COVID-19, MDH will reach out to Cristo Rey to provide information and guidance on notifications and other infection prevention actions. Please contact the MDH directly if you have questions, so they can help determine the appropriate steps to take 651-201-5414.
As shared on our website, we have the ability to provide food weekly to Cristo Rey Jesuit families. Please visit this link to indicate your interest:

We will be tracking attendance through students' work completion and communication with teachers. If students do not complete work by the deadlines or participate in the task required by the teacher, their Dean or the AP office will contact them and they may be marked absent for the day. Remember that all these days are required academic days. That is why students must demonstrate daily work in each class.  We want to support students. If there are barriers to completing the work, please ask students to connect with their Dean. 
Procedures for Required Academic Work through Remote-Learning 
Students have received detailed information to explain how we will proceed with remote-learning in communication from me on Sunday, March 15th and Monday, March 16th. Teachers began sending academic work and resources to students beginning today, Tuesday, March 17th. All daily assignments will be posted by 10 am and students have one academic day to complete required work. Teachers are available by email and through their online class platform, which is either Google classroom or Schoology. We ask that the adults or older siblings in the house help encourage their students to stay on track and complete their readings and lessons each day in each class. Remind them this is not a vacation. Our teachers will be working very hard to make this learning opportunity as authentic as possible. 
It can be tempting for students to think they will get to their work "later." Uncompleted work can pile up quickly, and we don't want anyone feeling overwhelmed. If you suspect your student will struggle without adult help each day, please email our Academic Deans (Ms. Youmans, Sr. Mary, and Mr. Nelson) to help provide more structure and strategies. If we are concerned with a student's lack of progress, we will be reaching individually. Our Deans will, of course, be available for any questions you may have.
We are asking students to consider a daily plan for completing work. Please help them in deciding a plan that will help them be productive and will work with the needs of your family. Help them anticipate distractions and make a plan to avoid distractions. Make sure to set clear expectations for how to hold your child accountable to connecting to their classes and getting their school work done. 
Technology Access
We know that remote-learning may present barriers to families regarding technology. Below are the recommendations we shared with students about requesting the loan of a laptop or accessing WiFi. All teachers are creating assignments that have paper versions, so if technology continues to be a barrier, students may complete assignments on paper. Families can pick up the documents at school or we could arrange how to get them to you at home.  
  • We have a few laptops remaining that we can loan to students. Be sure to email your Dean and request a laptop before coming to school. If there are more requests than laptops available, we will look to purchase more.
  • If you live in Minneapolis, the City of Minneapolis Public wifi will be free to use (requiring no username or password) until further notice. However, the public WiFi is currently overloaded with students and workers being home today, and so it may be slow or may have a delayed sign-on. 
  • There are a few other internet options through private companies. Please be aware of any associated costs or requirements in a contract.
    • Comcast Xfinity is offering two free months of free internet to new customers. Families can access or call 1-855-846-8376 for English or 1855-765-6995 for Spanish. Again, please understand all options before committing to a plan.
    • Some cell phone providers may be waiving charges for exceeding your limits on data. Contact your company (AT&T, Verizon, etc) to find out more information. Again, be aware of all charges. 
  • If none of the above options are feasible, please know we are investigating options to purchase hotspots and distribute to students who are struggling to secure reliable internet. 
Talking to students:
During this time, it is difficult to balance how to stay informed without causing panic. Here are some resources that may be helpful in conversations about coronavirus.
We will continue to communicate with you electronically during this time through email, our website, and voicemails/text messages through School Messenger. Contact information for our Academic Deans are at the bottom of this email. 
- Ms. Margi Youmans - # (612) 499-0537,       (9th Grade)

- Sister Mary Willette - # (612) 214-2798, 
 (10th & 11th Grade)

- Mr. Jim Nelson - # ( 612) 244-0260,
(12th Grade)
Thank you for your understanding and flexibility during these most difficult times. Know that we will continue to keep the health and safety of the Cristo Rey community, and our entire community at large, in the forefront of our decisions. I'd like to close with a prayer from Thomas Merton: "You do not need to know precisely what is happening, or exactly where it is all going. What you need is to recognize the possibilities and challenges offered by the present moment, and to embrace them with courage, faith and hope."
Blessings to you all, 
Erin Healy, Principal
Estimadas familias de Cristo Rey Jesuit H.S, 
Los últimos días han sido muy difíciles para nuestra comunidad, como también lo ha sido para comunidades alrededor de todo el país. Por difícil que sea no estar juntos en la escuela, esperamos que siguiendo las recomendaciones del distanciamiento social disminuirá la propagación del COVID-19. Siempre daremos prioridad a la salud y seguridad de nuestros estudiantes. Como se indica en nuestra comunicación del domingo, 15 de marzo, continuaremos el requerido trabajo académico durante los días que el edificio esté cerrado a través del aprendizaje remoto. Durante este tiempo, los estudiantes también no van a ir a sus trabajos de CWSP. Continuaremos a orando por todos de nuestros estudiantes, nuestras familias, y nuestros trabajadores que trabajan de asistencia médica. Por favor lea este mensaje cuidosamente para información sobre comó seguiremos operando como escuela durante este tiempo del aprendizaje remoto.
Distanciamiento Social
Durante el cierre continuaremos siguiendo las instrucciones de los oficiales estatales y locales, incluyendo a las actualizaciones del Departamento de Salud de Minnesota. Mientras no estamos en el campus, esperamos que los estudiantes practiquen medidas del distanciamiento social, que significa que no se reúnan con amigos. Es importante que estudiantes se permanezcan en casa o que tengan contacto mínimo con gente aparte de sus familiares para disminuir la propagación del coronavirus. Por favor limite su viaje a para evitar la exposición a ustedes y a nuestra comunidad.
¿Qué pasa si un estudiante, miembro familiar, o miembro personal resulta positivo para el COVID-19?
Según el sitio web de MDH: Si los funcionarios de salud pública identifican a un miembro personal o estudiante a nuestra escuela como paciente bajo investigación (PUI) o un caso confirmado de COVID-19, MDH se pondrá en contacto con Cristo Rey to para proporcionar información y orientación sobre notificaciones y otras acciones de prevención de infecciones. Por favor comuníquense directamente con el MDH si tienen preguntas, para que puedan ayudar a determinar los pasos apropiados que debe tomar (651)201-5414.
Como compartido en nuestro sitio web, Tendremos la capacidad de proporcionar comida cada semana a las familias de Cristo Rey Jesuita. Por favor complete la aplicación para indicar su interés:
Estaremos monitoreando la asistencia a través de la finalización del trabajo de los estudiantes y la comunicación con los maestros. Si los estudiantes no completan el trabajo antes de las fechas limites o participan en la tarea requerida por su maestro, su Subdirector Académico o la oficina AP se pondrán en contacto con ello y pueden ser marcados como ausentes por ese día. Recuerde que todos estos días son días académicos requeridos. Es por eso que los estudiantes deben demostrar el trabajo diario en cada clase. Queremos apoyar a los estudiantes.Si hay barreras para completar el trabajo, por favor pida a los estudiantes que se comuniquen con su Subdirector Académico.
Procedimientos para el Trabajo Académico Requerido a través del Aprendizaje Remoto
Los estudiantes han recibido información detallada para explicar como procederemos con el aprendizaje remoto en un comunicado parte mía el domingo, 15 de marzo y el lunes, 16 de marzo. Los maestros comenzaron a enviar trabajo académico y recursos a los estudiantes a partir de hoy, el martes, 17 de marzo. Todas las tareas diarias serán publicadas a las 10am y los estudiantes tendrán un día académica para completar el trabajo requerido. Los maestros estarán disponibles por correo electrónico y a través su plataforma de clase en línea, que es el aula de Google o Schoology. Pedimos que los adultos o hermanos mayores en la casa ayuden animando a sus estudiantes a mantener a ponerse al corriente y completar sus lecturas y lecciones cada día en cada clase. Recuérdales que estas no son vacaciones. Nuestros maestros trabajarán muy duro para que esta oportunidad de aprendizaje sea lo mas autentica posible.

Puede ser una tentación para los estudiantes pensar que van a terminar a su trabajo "más tarde". El trabajo no completado puede acumularse rápidamente, y no queremos que nadie se sienta abrumado. Si usted sospecha que su estudiante tendrá dificultad sin la ayuda de un adulto cada día, por favor envíe un correo electrónico a nuestros Subdirectores Académicos (Sra. Youmans, Hermana Mary, y Sr. Nelson) para ayudar proporcionar más estructura y estrategias. Si nos preocupa la falta de progreso académico de un estudiante, nosotros nos comunicaremos con usted o a su estudiante de manera individual. Nuestros Subdirectores Académicos, estarán disponibles para cualquier pregunta que usted pueda tener.
Estamos pidiendo a los estudiantes que consideren un plan diario para completar el trabajo. Por favor ayúdelos a decidir que plan que les ayudará ser productivos y que plan funcionará para las necesidades de su familia. Ayúdales a anticipar las distracciones y hacer un plan para evitar a las distracciones. Asegúrese de establecer expectativas claras sobre como hacer que su hijo/a sea responsable para conectarse a sus clases y haga su trabajo escolar.
Acceso a la Tecnología
Sabemos que el aprendizaje remoto puede presentar barreras a las familias con respecto a la tecnología. Abajo están las recomendaciones que compartimos con los estudiantes sobre la solicitud del préstamo de una computadora portátil o acceso a Wi-Fi. Todos los maestros están creando tarea de cuales tienen versiones en papel, así que, si la tecnología continúa siendo una barrera, los estudiantes pueden completar las tareas en papel. Las familias pueden recoger los documentos en la escuela o podemos hacer arreglos para entregárselos a usted en casa.
Computadoras Portátiles
  • Tenemos algunas computadoras portátiles que podemos prestar a los estudiantes. Asegúrese de enviar un correo electrónico a su Subdirector Académico y solicite una computadora portátil antes de venir a la escuela. Si hay más solicitudes que computadores portátiles disponibles, buscaremos la manera de comprar más.
Si usted vive en Minneapolis, el Wi-Fi público de la Ciudad de Minneapolis será gratuito para su uso (no requiere nombre de usuario o contraseña hasta un aviso adicional. Sin embargo, el Wi-Fi esta actualmente sobrecargado con los estudiantes y trabajadores que se encuentran en casa hoy, y por lo tanto puede ser lento o puede tener un retraso en la conexión.
  • Hay algunas otras opciones de Internet a través de empresas privadas. Por favor este consciente de cualquier gasto asociado o a los requisitos en un contrato de Wi-FI.
    • Comcast Xfinity ofrece dos meses gratis de internet a nuevos clientes. Las familias pueden acceder o llama al 1-855-846-8376 para inglés o 1-855-765-6995 para español. Una vez más, por favor analice sus opciones antes de comprometerse a un plan.
    • Algunos proveedores de teléfonos celulares pueden estar renunciando a cargos por exceder a sus límites de datos. Pónganse en contacto con su empresa(AT&T, Verizon, etc.) para averiguar más información. Reitero, este consciente de todos los cargos. 
  • Si ninguna de las opciones anteriores es viable para usted, por favor sepa que estamos investigando opciones para comprar "Hotspots" (puntos de acceso) y distribuirlos a los estudiantes que están tratando conectarse con al internet confiable.
Hablando a los estudiantes:
Durante este tiempo, es difícil equilibrar cómo mantenerse informado sin causar pánico. Aquí están algunos recursos que pueden ser útiles en las conversaciones sobre el coronavirus.
Continuaremos comunicándonos con usted electrónicamente durante este tiempo a través del correo electrónico, nuestro sitio web, y mensajes de voz/texto a través de School Messenger. La información de contacto para nuestros Subdirectores Académicos esta en la parte de abajo de este correo electrónico.
- Sra. Margi Youmans - # (612)499-0537,             (Grado 9)
- Hermana Mary Willette - # (612)214-2798, 10 y 11)
- Sr. Jim Nelson - # (612)244-0260,
(Grado 12)
Gracias por su comprensión y flexibilidad durante estos momentos tan difíciles. Sepa que es nuestra prioridad manteniendo la salud y la seguridad de la comunidad Cristo Rey, y toda nuestra comunidad entera en torno a la vanguardia de nuestras decisiones. Me gustaría despedirme con una oración de Thomas Merton: "No tienes que saber precisamente lo que está pasando, o exactamente dónde va todo. Lo que tienes que reconocer son las posibilidades y desafíos que ofrece el momento presente, y abrazarlos con valentía, fe y esperanza. "
Bendiciones a todos ustedes, 
Erin Healy,
Directora Cristo Rey Jesuit H.S.
Dear Cristo Rey Jesuit Community:

At times like these, it is important for us to remember that God is good ALL of the time! While COVID-19 has dramatically shifted our world, Cristo Rey Jesuit High School has quickly adapted our mission to a virtual world.

On Monday, March 17, the faculty and staff worked diligently to prepare our community to continue to provide a quality education to our students' homes remotely while simultaneously preparing themselves to work remotely for the foreseeable future:
  • Students will learn and demonstrate their curriculum standards remotely. Teachers will post lessons and students will complete their class assessments daily;
  • On days our students are usually scheduled to work their Corporate Work Study job, students will train online in Microsoft software, coding, and various client relations management systems;
  • Our Deans are connecting with students and families to ensure that each student is able to access their work and learn productively while at home;
  • Administration is working to ensure that each student has the necessary technology and remote access to complete academic work at home;
  • Counselors are reaching out to students to offer social-emotional resources, including continuing to offer individualized support;
  • All after school activities have been postponed or cancelled including the musical, robotics and the Senior Kairos Retreat;
  • The Campus Ministry team is delivering the traditional Daily Examen over social media and preparing to offer our Holy Week Mass online;
  • Our weekly Friday Morning Assembly will take place online;
  • Our College and Alumni Counselors will continue to support our students and their families as they make their plans for the future; and
  • Our Nutrition team is receiving breakfast and lunch meals from our caterer and non-perishable food from our partner Catholic Charities so that families may pick-up meals at Cristo Rey or have them delivered by our Transportation team. Thus far, we have distributed about 55 packages of non-perishables to families.

Many people have asked how they can help. Below is a wish list we have started:
  • Verizon Hotspots: We know that at least 10% of our students do not have access to the internet at home. We need 50 hotspots to distribute to students so that they can access their education. Roughly $200 per hotspot: $80 for the device and $40 per month for three months. Total cost: $10,500 - Two individual donors have generously donated a $2000 and a $5000 gift individually. We still need $3500 to support this transition.
  • Laptops/Chrome Books: We have distributed all school owned laptops, iPads and Chromebooks to students who do not have a device at home. If you have a used device that you no longer use, we could prepare it for a student to use.
  • Non-Perishable Food: We could use more canned fruit, canned vegetables, rice, beans (dry or canned), pasta, pasta sauce and cereal. Gift cards to grocery stores would allow families to purchase milk, protein and fresh produce.
  • The May 20th Pathway to Success Event will take place virtually. As our national and local leaders have discouraged gatherings larger than ten, we will work to demonstrate our Pathway to Success in a new format. More information to follow.
As we learn more in this new reality, we will communicate additional needs.

If you would like to donate, please click here to make a gift online, or contact myself or Steve Crandall at or (612) 545-9708.

We do have good news to share:
  • The last of our 124 seniors awaiting word on acceptance to college had been accepted. For 10 years in a row, all graduating seniors have been accepted to college!
  • Our boys basketball team, the #4 seed in Section 4AA, upset St. Croix Prep, the #1 seed 68-61. The Section Final was cancelled two hours before tipoff. While their season is over, our team takes consolation in that they were able to walk off the floor in the last game season with a win over an undefeated team.

Thank you for your continued partnership in our mission! We will keep you up-to-date as our world continues to evolve.

In peace,

Jeb A. Myers
(612) 545-9701
Dear Cristo Rey Jesuit Community:
We continue to prioritize the safety, health and education of our students and families.
As the coronavirus COVID-19 continues to impact communities, Cristo Rey Jesuit will be moving to remote learning this week. Please see the below schedule for more information.
Officials are enacting measures to stop the spread of COVID-19. It is important that students continue to:
  • Cover your cough;
  • Wash your hands thoroughly;
  • Stay home when sick; Inform the school when you are sick by calling 612.545.9700;
  • Practice Social Distancing – avoid public places/group gathering
The Academic schedule we are implementing:
Monday, March 16 – Professional Development Day:
  • No school/No work for students – No Buses
  • Faculty/Staff should report as normal.
  • Students and families may pick-up necessary items between 9:00am-4:00pm. These visits will be limited to picking up items. We are not intending for students to congregate in the building for extended periods of time.
  • Students may use your CWSP/Activities Bus Card to travel to and from school only.
  • Students should expect more detailed emails (one from Ms. Healy and one from Ms. Kolbow) by 4:00pm on Monday, March 16.
  • Tuesday, March 17 until further notice– Remote Learning enacted:
  • If a student/family have a barrier to complete work at home electronically, please contact Ms. Healy and Ms. Youmans.
  • Teachers will share information and assignments with students by 10am each morning.
  • The Corporate Work Study Team will provide information/assignments on the student’s scheduled work day. Students will not attend work, but will complete assignments to improve their skills for work when work resumes. Students may not make up work days or work for pay at their CWSP job during this period.
  • Teachers and staff will be available by email and will return communication from students within one school day.
  • If a student/family has a problem communicating with teacher or completing work at home, please reach out to Ms. Youmans, Sr. Mary, or Mr. Nelson.
  • Our Nutrition Department will work to serve meals during this time. Further details will be provided once they become available.
  • All staff including Deans, Counselors, CWSP Staff, College Counselors, Campus Ministry, the Front Desk, and the Family Liaison will be available Monday-Friday between 8am and 4pm during remote learning.
  • The front desk phone will be answered between 8am-4pm (612.545.9700).
  • Changes may be made as we assess remote learning.
  • All afterschool activities are postponed until further notice (see email from Mr. Carpentier).
The Governor has instructed public schools to take action for the next 8 days. Cristo Rey Jesuit’s remote learning schedule will follow our school calendar should this extend longer than 8 days:
  • March 16-20: Monday – Professional Development Day (Faculty and Staff only); Tuesday-Friday – Remote Learning
  • March 23-27: Monday-Friday – Remote Learning – End of Quarter 3
  • March 30-April 3: Monday-Friday – expected Remote Learning
  • April 6-10: Spring Break – NO SCHOOL/NO WORK

Our standards-based system affords our community to teach the essential learnings and ensure that students meet standards to be promoted/graduate.
Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any questions. We look forward to finding solutions to your specific needs.
In peace,
Jeb Myers
Querida Comunidad Cristo Rey Jesuit:

Nuestra prioridad continúa siendo la seguridad, salud y educación de nuestros estudiantes y familias.

Mientras el coronavirus COVID-19 continúe impactando comunidades, Cristo Rey realizará aprendizaje remoto durante esta semana. Por favor vea el horario abajo para más información.
Oficiales están implementando medidas para detener el esparcimiento de COVID-19. Es importante que los estudiantes sigan:
▪ Cubriéndose la tos;
▪ Lavándose las manos adecuadamente;
▪ Quedarse en casa si estén enfermos; Informar la escuela cuando estén enfermos, llamando al 612.545.9700;
▪ Practicando Distancia Social - evitar lugares públicos o reuniones en grupo

Horario Académico que estamos implementando:

lunes, 16 de marzo - Día de Desarrollo Profesional:
▪ No hay escuela/No hay trabajo para estudiantes – No hay autobuses de la escuela
▪ Facultad/Personal debe reportarse como normal.
▪ Estudiantes y familias pueden recoger artículos necesarios entre 9:00am-4:00pm. Estas visitas serán solamente para recoger artículos. La intención no es que los estudiantes se reúnen en el edificio por periodos de tiempo extendidos.
▪ Los estudiantes pueden usar su tarjeta de autobús normalmente utilizado para CWSP/actividades para viajar a la escuela y de vuelta a casa solamente.
▪ Los estudiantes deben esperar mensajes de correo electrónico más detallados (uno de la Sra. Healy y otro de la Sra. Kolbow) a las 4:00pm el lunes, 16 de marzo o antes.

martes, 17 de marzo (plan sujeto a cambios) - Implementación de Aprendizaje Remoto:
▪ Si algún estudiante o familia tiene alguna barrera para completar el trabajo en casa electrónicamente, por favor contacte a la Sra. Healy y la Sra. Youmans.
▪ Los maestros compartirán información y tareas con los estudiantes a las 10am o antes cada mañana.
▪ El equipo de trabajo (CWSP) proveerá información y tareas sobre el día programado de trabajo para el estudiante. Los estudiantes no asistirán al trabajo, si no completarán tareas para mejorar sus habilidades de trabajo para cuando vuelvan al trabajo. Los estudiantes no pueden recompensar días de trabajo ni trabajar por pago en su trabajo de CWSP durante este periodo.
▪ Los maestros y personal estarán disponibles por correo electrónico y responderán a comunicaciones de los estudiantes dentro de un día escolar.
▪ Si algún estudiante o familia tiene algún problema para comunicarse con un maestro o completar tarea en casa, por favor contacte a Sra. Youmans, Sra. Mary, o Sr. Nelson.
▪ Nuestro Departamento de Nutrición trabajará a servir comidas durante este periodo. Más detalles se proveerán cuando estén disponibles.
▪ Todo el personal, incluyendo Subdirectores Académicos, Consejeros, Equipo de Trabajo (CWSP), Consejeras Universitarias, Ministerio del Campus Religioso, la Recepcionista, y Coordinadora Familiar serán disponibles de lunes-viernes entre 8am y 4pm durante aprendizaje remoto.
▪ El teléfono de la oficina principal se contestará entre 8am-4pm (612.545.9700).
▪ Cambios se podrían hacer mientras evaluemos el aprendizaje remoto.
▪ Todas las actividades después de la escuela están suspendidas hasta nuevo aviso (vea el correo electrónico del Sr. Carpentier).

El Gobernador ha pedido que las escuelas públicas tomen acción durante los próximos 8 días. El horario de aprendizaje remoto de Cristo Rey Jesuita seguirá nuestro calendario escolar en el caso que este extienda más de 8 días:

Marzo 16-20: lunes – Día de Desarrollo Profesional (Facultad y Personal solamente); martes-viernes– Aprendizaje Remoto
marzo 23-27: lunes-viernes – Aprendizaje Remoto – Final de Cuarto 3
marzo 30-abril 3: lunes-viernes – Aprendizaje Remoto esperado
abril 6-10: Spring Break – NO HAY ESCUELA/NO HAY TRABAJO

Nuestro sistema basado en los estándares permite que nuestra comunidad enseña las materias esenciales y garantiza que los estudiantes cumplan con los estándares para recibir promociones y graduarse.

Por favor no dude en contactar la escuela si tienen alguna pregunta. Con gusto encontraremos soluciones a sus necesidades específicas.

Con paz,

Jeb Myers