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Cristo Rey Jesuit High School uses a Standards-Based Curriculum.

In order to prepare our students for college, we, in collaboration with the Cristo Rey Network, have developed academic standards that guide students and teachers in creating a college preparatory experience. Structured interventions and tutoring are provided for students who need extra help completing standards.

My Academic Experience

Graduation Requirements

To receive credit for a course, students must successfully demonstrate proficiency for all standards assessed by that course. Students earn one credit per class or one-half of one credit per semester when they demonstrate proficiency on all standards assessed by that course.

Mathematics      4.5 credits
English/Language Arts      4.0 credits
Science        4 credits
Religious Studies        4 credits
Corporate Work Study        4 credits
Social Studies        3 credits
World Languages        2 credits
Elective     1.5 credits
Health/Physical Education        1 credit