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Welcome to Cristo Rey Jesuit High School

Guided by faith | Prepared for life | Always serving others

Congratulations Class of 2023!

Congratulations to Cristo Rey Jesuit High School graduates, class of 2023! May your futures be guided with a higher purpose as you pursue your education and build successful careers.

Dedicated Faculty

The faculty at Cristo Rey Jesuit High School demonstrate unwavering dedication to their students, fostering a supportive and engaging learning environment that extends beyond the classroom. Their commitment to holistic education and Jesuit values is evident in their tireless efforts to empower students academically, socially, and spiritually.

Competitive Athletics

Our competitive sports programs emphasize athletic skills and focus on character development. Our sports teams instill values such as teamwork, perseverance, and discipline through rigorous training and challenging competitions.

Guided by Faith

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School embraces its faith-based identity, rooted in the Jesuit tradition, as a cornerstone of its educational philosophy. Through spiritual formation, prayer, and service, students are encouraged to develop a deep connection with their faith, fostering a sense of purpose, compassion, and a commitment to social justice.


At Cristo Rey Jesuit High School, students gain invaluable work experience through our innovative Corporate Work-Study Program. By engaging in real-world work environments, our students develop essential skills, professionalism, and a strong work ethic, setting them on a path toward meaningful careers and positively impacting their communities.

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School in Minneapolis, Minnesota, delivers

a career-focused, college-preparatory education in the Catholic tradition

for students with limited economic resources, uniquely integrating

rigorous academic curricula with four years of professional work experience

and support to and through college.

Our community is bursting with stories around every corner. Read our stories of resilience, accomplishment, hope, and faith.

From Our Community

Emily Byrne, History Teacher

A CRJ education is rigorous, future-focused, and loving. Teachers work tirelessly to create challenging lessons to ensure students are college-ready while also emphasizing the importance of students growing in confidence and love to serve others.

News & Events

US Bank highlights Cristo Rey Student Alumnus

Partnership and mentorship can help young people prepare to enter the workforce

For Jorge Estudillo-Castillo, thinking about a future career in banking started while attending Cristo Rey Jesuit High School Twin Cities and interning at a U.S. Bank branch in Minneapolis.

“I like being challenged and being a little hard on myself to accomplish more so I can go above and beyond,” said Estudillo-Castillo, who is now a college student studying finance and a U.S. Bank teller. “Being able to fulfill the internship requirement Cristo Rey has at U.S. Bank was a great opportunity to grow and develop before graduating from high school.”

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